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"when life had locked me out, i'll come to you"
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Suddenly I want to write (an essay lol) about you, Jessica Jung. Jung Sooyeon.

How could I end up liking you this much? Like, maybe I even love you, or obsessed by you. I don’t know what is this feeling. I just…like your everything to the point even if you just dressed with potato sack, I’ll still think you are beautiful. Why you Jessica? Why it’s you? I never idolize someone like this before to be honest, like…have the urge to know about you everyday,  or have a tendency to save every photo of you on the internet, even in the same event, with the same clothes or pose…if it’s you, then I’ll just ‘swallow’ it all. I’m not the loyal type tbh, I’ll be a hard fan of some one, but as time pass by, I’ll end up liking some other celebrity, in such a short period. So easy to get bored.  And it’s been 2 years or more, and I still never get enough of you. I can’t get over you. My love for you grow more and more everyday.

How funny, not because you’re a girl, but because I dislike you at first. Yep, my first impression of you is kinda bad. I first saw you on Super Junior M music video called Super Girl. And you are the super girl here. You are blonde that time, and I was like, “Why this Korean girl dare to be blonde? Like that kind of hair suits her, it’s not, it’s awkward.” Yeah something like that. And your role on this music video didn’t even help, you are such a bitch here, you reject Hangeng when he is a nerd, then when Hangeng turn into some hottie, you just attracted to him almost immediately, lol. What kind of super girl is that?

Back then, Donghae is my favorite from SuJu, and when I read some rumor about you and Donghae as ex-lovers, it freaked me out, lol that’s too much, but yes I was complaining, I dislike you even more. Sigh. What so special about this Jessica from Girls’ Generation? What is Girls’ Generation anyway?

Yeah…I was kinda blindly jealous of you Jessica…silly. Then I watched Gee music video, oh what a catchy song, I downloaded more songs from SNSD, quiet easy listening. Then I had this feeling, “Ah, I think I can like this girl group too.”  I tried so hard to acknowledge every member of SNSD, and it’s no joke, you guys looked the same. Sunny, Sooyoung, and you are the easiest. Because Sunny is so tiny and has a unique face, lol. Sooyoung looked so Indonesian :D and you….you are the bitch from super girl music video, ups sorry……… J

As time passed by, I’ve known everyone of you, well don’t know why Tiffany and Yuri is the hardest though, they really looked the same for me. Then I watched Hello Baby, gosh you and your girls are so hilarious, like…dork but adorable, adorkable. I was wondering how could beautiful girls like you being so dork and funny, and entertaining like that. Thanks to Hello Baby, I become the fan of Girls’ Generation. It’s not because you guys are pretty, can sing or dance well, it’s because the bond between you, it’s because your personality. It’s because you guys felt so special, not like idols, like friends.

Tiffany was my number one bias. I used to like her a lot. She’s beautiful, the second after Yoona. She’s so well-mannered, kind-hearted, so determined, caring, loving, and all. And she’s actually funny with the broken Korean J

And I ship JeTi, yes, you and Tiffany. But I don’t remember why though. I just love the fact that you are the American girls, I love your English, I love your friendship, I love the interactions between you two. And your eyes Jess, your stare toward Tiffany is driving me crazy, lol.

I don’t really remember when I actually turn my attention to you to be honest. How could you ruin my bias list. As time passed by, I realize how lovely you are, and the good thing is, you never try to show off. Oh yeah, there was a time when I watched a fan video compilation of, 8 things about Jessica Jung, and I was so amazed, I came into realization that you are a wonderful girl.

They said you are an ice princess, then I read about other celebrities opinion about you, there’s nothing ‘ice’ in you, you actually a friendly person, you just shy with new peoples, you admit it, and it’s very normal. And I acknowledge myself that you are really a caring person. Like, you may act you didn’t really care about Kyungsan in Hello Baby, but actually you did. You never really show it in front of the camera, but I realized, I can feel your love. I wonder why I become so sensitive about your gesture, lol, it’s like I can feel your intention about something or someone from your eyes, your hand gesture etc.

I like it, when you stare at your member lovingly. When you look into their eyes, there’s something spark in there. I like it, when you look into the fan site camera, then you’ll smile, act cutely, try to be funny. I realize that maybe you do it because you know all your fans will watch the video, then you want to communicate with us. Maybe you want the fan site to spread your love toward us, your thankful smile, your everything. Oh how sweet you are.

And I care so much about you Jess,  I don’t want you to be hurt, I just want you to be happy, I want you to have a happy life forever and ever…. Lol. Sometimes, when you look so thin on a picture, I just want to hug you and eat with you, make you eat delicious foods and assure you that’s it’s okay to be a little chubbier hehehe.

Anyway, today is your birthday :) very very very happy birthday Jessica Jung! Sooyeon Jung! i wish you a very very happier ahead, don’t ever change okay? just keep being yourself who lovely, sweet, cute, warm, cool, and sexy ;)

Post more on weibo and communicate more with us, pleaseeeeee :))

I love you i love you i love you

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she’s obsessed with Frozen like us :)) and it is a hint?

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If there is something that has been most discussed in the history of SNSD, it is nothing but the name SNSD itself. 

소녀시대 . So Nyuh Shi Dae. Girls’ Generation.

It was a pretty funny name for a Korean girl group. At a time when all other idol groups are choosing English names left and right, they are stuck with a fairly old-fashioned title that is aptly translated as ‘Era of Maidens’. Some of them didn’t like the name at first; but as they grew on to be recognized under that title, they have come to love and understood the reason why they are given that name. That perhaps, they are destined to be named such.

If you would look at it closely, Girls’ Generation does represent this generation.

Taeyeon represents the determined dreamers. Those who fought their way through the storms. Those who almost gave up but didn’t give in. The courageous girls who had a dream and worked hard to achieve it; that even if the road towards that goal was full of obstacles, suffering, pain, and failure, still braved their way and made it through. Wounded maybe, but still whole and eager. They are those who are born to succeed.

Jessica for the misjudged ones. They are those with their pretty made-up faces, nice clothes, and few friends. The kind of girls who have this certain something we cannot name but the first thoughts we would have of them is that of envy. Sometimes, the envy is too powerful that it clouds our reason and we fail to see that beneath that cold facade, she is still a girl. A girl who gets hurt, a girl who cries, a girl who fights and that amid the hate and difficulties, still made it through with her spirit whole and shining. 

Sunny, for the strong and independent spirits. Those who are often underestimated; most of the time, unnoticed; but always the hardest and most skilled workers. The girls who do not give a strong impression as much as others, but when the going gets tough, you see them lasting longer than the rest. They are the brave girls who put up a smile even if they know that they’re dying, the industrious students who worked their way through college and did so in flying colors, the girls who continue to live on despite the problems. They are those who proved people wrong, who exceeded expectations, who reached for the stars but kept their feet on the ground.

Tiffany, the strong believers. The girls who believed and will continue to do so no matter what people say. Those who put faith in their dreams, in their beliefs, in themselves. They are those who, somewhere along the way, got battered with pain and suffering but still continued to fight. They are the faithful and loyal ones who even when the world has lost faith in them, still didn’t lose faith in themselves. Honed by experience and grounded by faith, their strong determination oftentimes concealed by their gentle natures. 

Hyoyeon for the fierce and head strong women. Those who pride themselves in being different. Those who prove that girls can do just whatever men can. And most of the times, they can do it better. They are the girls who have defied the limits granted by society to what women can do. Those who bank on their skills, reason, and hard work to empower themselves. Despite the strong aura, these girls also know how to mellow down. They know that being a woman is not just about being strong. It’s about being who you are and being proud of it every step of the way.

Yuri can be seen anywhere and everywhere. She represents majority of girls. They are the girls who think they are average, who oftentimes lose confidence with themselves. The girls who think that they could have been prettier, fairer, skinnier, and other what-not. But despite these little insecurities, they do not lose hope. They maintain a positive outlook and do not let their flaws eat up their fighting spirit. They are those who will continue to smile even if their hearts are breaking. Those who will continue to love despite the pain because they still have that hope that everything will fall into place. They are the girls who think that they are nothing special but the truth is, they shine. They are beautiful and they deserve every love and respect in the world.

Sooyoung will always be the face of the late bloomers. The weird ones. They are the loud, boyish, crazy, and hyper girls you once met in grade school. They will care less about the pounds if it means a whole platter of chocolate cake. They are those who won’t comb their hair unless you tell them to. Those who will not give a damn about what boys might think about them because they are contented with their circle of friends. They are the girls nobody ever cared about until everything changed. These weird girls grew up. And they grew up more beautifully than the rest. People usually think that it is time which changed them. But the truth is, they have always been like that. They have always been beautiful but they just chose not to. After all, if you can’t accept them at their worst, you don’t deserve them at their best.

Yoona, the imperfect perfect girls. They are those who are loved and respected by the people around them yet you still wonder why they have people who will always think negatively of them. These are girls not exceptional in any way except for the fact that they are flawless. They are not ugly, dumb, or cruel and the fact that there exists such person makes it unfathomable for a cynical few. Nevertheless, these girls are those who no matter how the world taints a bad image of, will always remain pure. They will always be themselves. One in a million.

Seohyun for the chosen few. In this world we live in wherein people are more comfortable of what is wrong than what is right, it is a breathe of fresh air to meet someone like Seohyun. They are the girls who might have never heard of kpop as they are busy writing their book-long essays in Metaphysics. Sometimes, they are those who mingle more with people older than them than those who are of their age. The principled ones who always exceed expectations. Those who do well in everything that they do. Those who sometimes prefer the pragmatic reality than the fickle and ever-changing dictate of the heart. Despite this, they do know how to have fun. They just know their limitations and they have really good sense of control. Girls like these are rare but they exist.

And as a whole, Girls’ Generation is what their names say they are. They represent the Girls and they represent the Generation. Different girls from different walks of life. But all of them, wonderful. :)

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[TRANS] Work hard!! Kekekeke :)) Because you’re cute. SONE eui-goo (aigoo)

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-Ashley (sergeant-ashley)

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Q: You are acknowledged by the public as Fashionista, are there any personal fashion tips to this?
Jessica: Haha, i do not think that i have the body frame that can wear any type of outfits, as for airport fashion… i dress according to TPO!
Note: TPO refers to Time,Place,Occasion.


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