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My Thought About Taeyeon’s Dating News-and the situation behind

I know probably no one care about my thought but here it is…

Yeah I’m not literally happy about baekyeon. Because… oh my God a younger boy? Taeyeon? really?

I mean, yeah, we all know Taeyeon is an awesome woman with beauty, talent, good personality, rich, and all. She’s cool. Everyone would love to be with her. Ok not everyone, maybe most people in the world :D

But… she chooses Baekhyun? her little cute fanboy? So yeah, I’m shocked. And I’m not gonna lie, I’m disappointed. But deep down in my heart, I know Taeyeon has her reason to choose the guy. He’s cute? he’s soft? Whatever. Taeyeon knows him better than all of us, fans, knows him. And she’s an adult too, a grown up woman, she knows what to do with her life. So I know I should stop judge her taste or her life decision like I own her. (Oh, that means I should stop judging nichkhun too though. Lol. Sorry can’t help he’s just… Ok I will try. If only he tries to be more discreet, maybe =] )

So, Baekyeon is not something I expected. Plus, because of being in the middle of fandom for such a long time, I start to see Taeyeon the way most fans (is it most?) see her. Taeyeon is an oppa. She’s into girl. Oh come on, look at her…. she’s handsome and looks like she knows how to treat her women. Oh okay, I’m judging her again. She’s probably just being playful. I mean, look at Sunny, she loves to bite and touch her members’ body but no one-at least not many of fans think she’s gay.You know my problem here? It’s hard for me to see Taeyeon dating a guy, especially a younger guy that prettier than her. Right?

But what’s done is done. Taeyeon seems like Baekhyun too. She looks so comfortable with him. So we should be happy too, for her. Look at the bright side, Taeyeon not so emo and hobo in the airport these days. Right? Probably because she’s happy. Isn’t it a good change? We all know that around last year, Taeyeon was starting become, what word to describe? uhm…un cheerful? lol yeah she’s no longer the happy dorky little girl again. If you are a fan you should notice.

Remember when she was on You Hee-yeol’s Sketchbook during IGAB era? She said she felt lonely when she got home after work :( wasn’t that sad to hear that? Then, Taeyeon become more emo and emo and quiet and quiet on talk show. That’s so sad. She obviously lonely. She needs it, somebody sweet to talk to, somebody to love, somebody that will love her as much. She needs romance in her life, like normal people do. Face it. We have no chance to fill in that emptiness in her heart even if we claim that we love Taeyeon very very much. Even we’re with her on Instagram comment section, even we’re with her holding pink lighstick during concerts. When she’s alone. She will still probably be lonely.

Even we spend our time, energy, money for them, for our beloved idol, we don’t own them. WE DON”T OWN THEM. Let this whole fandom life not own you too guys, get a life. I know sometimes I should say that to myself too. GET A LIFE. World is a beautiful place. We have precious people around us too :)

And in the middle of this mess, I’m starting to think if Kpop is not in this kind of ‘concept’ from the start. No body will get hurt like now. This mess wouldn’t happen.

What I mean by concept is, something like … idol is single and just belong to fans. Uhm I don’t know how to write a proper explanation, but yeah something like that. If only Kpop idol is just like another idol in the Hollywood, Europe, another part of Asia or wherever, it will be so normal if they’re dating. I mean, look at Taylor Swift, I don’t try to offense her or her fans, but she has a list of ex boyfriends yet we still love her as much because from the start it’s all about her music, her talent, her self. Because the concept on American music industry is anywhere near kpop. Something like celebrity belong to fans and fans only. Their celebrity has a life from the start. If only that kind of concept could be work in Korea too it would be different.

It would be different like, we will know how many ex boyfriends Jessica Jung has. LOL. Because it’s obvious she get along well with people, with boys? right? ok, and girls too hahaha.

If only we could let it go. Let the possessiveness go. We will be happier. Because I think the best thing about Kpop is how entertaining it is. Why we let the drama comes in?

Yeah, that is the way I’m thinking about the situation :) and I’m sorry English is not my first language :))

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