You, My Remedy

"when life had locked me out, i'll come to you"
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sicasso… the artistically gifted cat

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snsd jessica yuri hyoyeon seohyun sooyoung taeyeon tiffany lol sicaaaaassssoooo

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dear taeyeon i love you really you're cute pretty perfect i love you voice but sometimes i just wanna punch you in the face oh my bad i'm sorry

are you asking about my friends?

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well done oh feels this post is love ot9 snsd i love every jessi's pairing in snsd jessica taeyeon sunny tiffany hyoyeon yuri sooyoung yoona seohyun :')
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sadly true taeyeon is winning? hahahaha....true taeyeon jessica tiffany taenysic at least sica has yoona and sunny and hyoyeon

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taeyeon ok taenggo you're cute


Kim Ginger, Kwon Hani and Hwang Prince

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taeyeon tiffany yuri puppy

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taeyeon iron woman lol kid leader


Taeyeon 2013/05/11@DREAM CONCERT

kid leader taeyeon
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taeyeon the prettiest so gorgeous


Yoona pretending to be a hoobae (junior)

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taeyeon yoona oh so cute